Funds from charitable organizations have been critical to the success of the Bonaire Maritime Heritage Foundation. To date, we have received major grants from Fonds Voor Cultuurparticipatie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - Caribisch Gebied, Samenwerkende Fondsen and Stichting Onze Vloot.


Corporations & businesses

Corporations that have made contributions of $2500 or more include BOPEC, Cargill Salt and Maduro and Curiel's Bank, Curacao.

Cash contributions of $500 or more from local businesses include Blue Jay Holding Bonaire BV, Buena Vista Optics, Bonaire Boating Company, Dabboussi Holding-City Shop BV, REMAX Paradise Homes, South Caribbean Sailing and Sunbelt Realty.

Just as important, local businesses have donated in-kind services and materials to the Bonaire Maritime Heritage Foundation. They include the Antillean Wine Company, Best Brands Bonaire, Mangasina-The Storehouse and The Sign Studio.



Without the continued financial support of individuals, endeavors such as Project Stormvogel would not be possible. We thank the following for their generous contributions.


Fleet Commander ✶ $1000 & up
The Alice and John Holian Trust


Admiral ✶ $500 & up
Val & Pam Bezic, Jeff Campbell & Karen Kurzawa, Janet & Charlie Cvrk, Rik Felderhof,
Cameron & Thomas Harlan, George & Nathalie Mayfarth, Rob & Karen Smith,
Valmour Zimmerman and one anonymous.


Captain ✶ $250 & up
Bruce Brabec & Marlene Robinson, Mark Holian, R.J. Hulsbergen, John & Lena Stangel


Ensign ✶ $100 & up
Brenda Free & John Magruder, Sean Holian, and Tom & Gigi Quinby


First Mate ✶ Less than $100
Rudy Duval, Don Hegwood


Levels of support

Contributions can be made directly to: Fundashon Patrimonio Marítimo Boneiru at Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (Bonaire) N.V., Account # 40934710, Swift Code: MCBKBQBN.

If you wish to remain anonymous for your donation, please email the foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Suggested Levels of Support:

 Rank Donation
 Fleet Commander  ✶ $1000 & up
 Admiral  ✶ $500 & up
 Captain  ✶ $250 & up
 Ensign  ✶ $100 & up
 First Mate  ✶ Less than $100